"Flex: a boastful statement or display"

1064 unique NFTFlex.in spaces, where you can publicly flex your NFTs alongside some of the blockchains finest artwork.

Currently live on

How NFTFlex.in works

Purchase an exclusive wall space.
Coloured and populated wall spaces have already been purchased so be quick.
It's a first come first served basis!

Configure your wall space to contain any ERC721 and ERC1155 compliant NFT that you own on the ethereum network.

At no point does NFTFlex.in take custody of your NFT

Flex your NFT alongside the most popular NFT's around.

Join the community and help get NFTFlex.in and your NFT displayed on a high profile IRL advertising space and even the Metaverse

Get involved now and join our community

How much does an NFTFlex.in space cost?









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NFTFlex.in The Journey Begins

Contract goes live, WebApp Launch

Phase 2

Link your socials to your NFTFlex.in space. Pin social media posts to your NFTFlex.in sidebar

Social competitions for a chance to win an NFTFlex.in space, NFT or even ETH

Phase 3

Open online NFTFlex.in merchandise store with exclusive NFTFlex.in owners discount

Phase 4

Allow other NFT projects exposure through your NFTFlex.in space by renting your space on your own terms.

100% Mint

Display NFTFlex.in board in at least one high profile location i.e. Times Square

Exclusive NFTFlex.in wall timelapse NFT minted, to lucky NFTFlex space holders

Full NFTFlex.in wall NFT generation

Full NFTFlex.in merchandise added to store

Post 100% Mint

Where we go from here will be driven by our NFTFlex.in community.

Where the Metaverse is our oyster